Advanced Malware Prevention

Advanced malware prevention is a combination of protocols and security practices that are focused on Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), the most advanced form of malware currently used in mainstream hacking attacks. These advanced malware attacks come with greater capability for code communication, infection, and data exfiltration than previous malware technologies. Often built for espionage of the target network and information theft over a long period of time, advanced malware codes have fast become one of the biggest concerns for network and IT security managers.

Advanced Threat Prevention by Understanding the Problem

Over the years, leading IT security services providers, such as Infratech, have come to learn much about advanced malware attacks and how they unfold. Understanding the nature and methods of these attacks allows us to combat them more effectively. At Infratech, we have a deep understanding of what advanced malware is like and our advanced threat prevention services use this information to make our client’s network security systems invincible.

Following are the typical steps through which an advanced malware attack progresses:

  • The process begins with a planning phase where the target network and/or application is selected. The attackers use their own preferences in selection of the target. Once a target is selected, they study the infrastructure involved to find vulnerabilities that may be used for the attack.
  • Using the information gathered in the previous stage, the attackers then introduce the malware into the target network using drive-by attacks or social engineering exploits.
  • Once in, the malware proceeds to take control of the network protocols it is designed to target. Since virtually all of these attacks aim to exfiltrate sensitive information, advanced malware also sends back information of other potential targets for future attacks.
  • Lateral spread of the malware across the network is the next step. Here, the malware code will scope the network and infect applications and hardware associated with its target data.
  • This expansion leads to the eventual identification of final execution of the malware.
  • Once this determination concludes, the advanced malware begins exfiltration of data. This stage is also called the Attack Event.
  • In the final stage of its operation, advanced malware often either becomes dormant and hides within the host network or self-destructs.

SSL Visibility Solution and Other Key Service Features

Now that you understand how advanced malware works, it must be obvious that professional help is the right way you can succeed in advanced malware prevention – or even protection. As a leading IT security firm helping organizations across the Middle East region effectively fight network security attacks, Infratech offers comprehensive solutions aimed at better visibility and signals for advanced malware.

Our advanced threat prevention protocols and SSL visibility solution are among the most popular solutions we currently offer.

These solutions have given clients exceptional results because:

  • Our advanced malware prevention data repositories examine millions of code samples to correlate with behavior of suspicious files.
  • We use cutting-edge sandboxing techniques to execute dynamic and static analyses with hundreds of indicators comparing suspicious files.
  • Our tools allow real-time blocking of advanced malware – thanks to lightning fast detection of malware – before it enters the network.
  • Our advanced threat prevention system monitors files’ activity completely after it enters your network and identifies malware as fast as possible.

Get our advanced malware prevention solutions today.

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