Application Penetration Testing

Application penetration testing is a much more focused area of penetration testing services. Web applications as well as mobile applications are prone to severe security threats for a number of unique reasons. Other areas of a business IT network do not suffer from such application specific threats. For instance, due to lack of validation, the threat of injection grows exponentially, which means attackers could access users’ browsers and control them. Privilege escalation is another such problem, which gives users unauthorized access to various parts of the application.

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Web Application Penetration Testing Done Right

If you have a service-based business that operates on applications where customers provide sensitive information, such as credit card credentials, you simply cannot neglect the security of your application.

Therefore, there is a serious need for businesses to invest in web application penetration testing services as well as that of their mobile applications. Not doing so can lead to major losses of data and infamy in the market, since a business that cannot protect its customers’ sensitive data loses the respect and trust of the market.

At Infratech, we have a well-established set of strategies that our expert teams use for mobile and web application penetration testing. We direct our tests with the singular objective of identifying and neutralizing potential vulnerabilities that are often caused by unsafe practices in application design, code, or publishing.

We execute our elaborate testing program using a number of steps that lead to discovery of any vulnerability that has the potential of becoming a data breach in foreseeable future. Once we are done with the protection process, we create detailed reports and help you establish ironclad security protocols.

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