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Ensuring application security has been a consistent challenge for business organizations of all sizes across industries through the age of digital asset management. The fact that IT security is not growing as fast as its applications only tips the scales against businesses trying to keep their assets protected against attacks. The applications these businesses launch are now in greater need of scrutiny for vulnerabilities and potential security threats than ever before. Only seasoned professionals with a versatile skillset can help you overcome this challenge for your online applications. Enters Infratech.

application security

Why Get Our Application Security Services?

There are many reasons why you should be considering Infratech’s superior quality application security services for your operations and services.

  • Protect Confidential Information: With proper application security you are directly affecting your ability to protect your customers’ confidential data and any other sensitive information you have in your network. Your web applications process a lot of customer information, including credit card details, and attackers aim their malware and hacking attempts at applications for this reason. We understand the techniques hackers use and use this knowledge to help you protect sensitive information in your network.
  • Unbeatable Expertise: We have a specialist team of application security experts, which means we have a comprehensive set of skills that few organizations can offer in the market. From developing basic security measures in your applications to giving them full-fledged firewalls and proactive protective features, we can give you the kind of application security our competitors cannot.
  • Maintaining Brand Image: Your business image in the market will make or break your ability to land new contracts and grow customer share. When your competitors and audiences associate your brand with flawless data security, this can only add to your competitive edge and help you grow your market share.
  • Cut Downtime Costs: With our expert application security services, we can help you take preventive measures against security breaches, which directly affects your operational stability and reduces the risk of downtime. When your applications keep running smoothly, you have no downtime costs to bear.

Our Application Security Service Domains

As leading security assessment services providers in Saudi Arabia, and across the rest of the Middle East region, we have successfully completed numerous high-quality source code review projects for small and big organizations in several business sectors.

We use deep-dive, manual evaluation methods executed by certified code reviewers and advanced-level programmers. We set project deadlines after careful overview of complexity and number of lines of code your application is written on.

We use a combination of source code security analysis and penetration testing to give our clients the best possible web application security. Along with finding errors in our thorough source code review services for your web application, our experts examine the code for security vulnerabilities. If any vulnerabilities are found, our expert penetration testers in the team remove any false positives and then resolve the actual vulnerabilities that remain.

The next stage of thorough application code review is dynamic evaluation. Once we have extracted and fixed all flaws in your application code without running it, the natural next step is to execute the code and look for errors and vulnerabilities this way so that more subtle problems are also brought to light instead of letting the application go out in the market and facing a major crash months later – with all its added costs.

We highly recommend dynamic code review to all clients seeking ironclad application security because we use dynamic analyses to particularly uncover security problems caused by your application’s interactions with other network components, including your databases, servers, or services.

Combined with good quality static code audit, dynamic code review can lead the code analysis to discover over 95% of the problems within the code, though we aim to achieve 100% results.

While all new web applications and sites are now created within the more secure HTTPS mode, your older applications might be working perfectly fine in their older HTTP framework. To keep your HTTP applications safe, you can install a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and ensure protection of these resources without having to convert them to the HTTPS protocols.

Infratech’s web application firewalls are built with a combination of standard rules for HTTP data transmission and advanced security protocols that allow your application security to stay optimum. With regular updates and modifications, we can keep your WAF working at its best.

Keeping an eye on your database activity is an important stepping stone towards reliable application security. Your applications transmit data, which is stored in these databases. With thorough database monitoring, you can keep a close watch on how the traffic and files within the databases is behaving.

At Infratech, we understand the significance of database activity monitoring and help clients achieve optimum web application security through concrete monitoring of all database activity. We do this by:

  • Using WAF and database firewalls
  • Encrypting all information on the database
  • Stringent database access management
  • Regularly auditing your databases

A very pertinent component of effective database security is data encryption. With industry trusted data encryption techniques, we can make your databases, and all information flowing across them, safe from malicious code and unwanted exposure.

Through these application security services, we are helping business organizations across the Middle East region keep stable and secure IT networks every day.

Get our specialist services for giving your applications impeccable security without delay.

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