Employees are an attack surface for your organization. Based on how good your security awareness program is, they can protect or compromise your network. Your personnel cannot be fully vigilant about IT security without security awareness training. Your network security can be reduced to a negligible level with deliberate training from Infratech. Infratech has built its corporate cybersecurity awareness program around this concern.

Our security awareness program focuses on improving your employees' knowledge of IT security attacks. We train them to defend your organization effectively and turn them into assets for your network security. Our security training programs adapt to your needs by offering flexible instruction modes. Depending on your needs and level of knowledge, we offer security awareness programs individually or in combination.

Our Core Awareness Training Areas

Infratech offers a number of different types of awareness models, including the following

LMS (Learning Management System)

Using Learning Management Systems and related software, organizations can create, manage, and deliver e-learning content...

Developing Awareness Program

Your employees could suffer serious consequences if they click on links or open attachments in a malicious message if...