Business Impact Analysis for Vital IT Security

Business Impact Analysis is a great tool to enhance business continuity. The service is developed to help business organizations in the Middle East region combat potential threats of network breaches. These breaches may come about as a result of a network penetration attack or disruption of your IT infrastructure due to a natural disaster. Whatever the case, you will find our BIA services have provided you concrete measures for returning to smooth business activities swiftly and with minimum loss.

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Our Business Impact Analysis Service at Work

A Business Impact Analysis fundamentally assists you understand the steps you will need to take to bring your business activities back to their original speed and function after they have been hit by a natural or man-made attack. In terms of IT security, these effects may include unauthorized access to user data.

Often considered the primary instrument of business continuity management, BIA is truly effective means of understanding potential dangers to your business and averting them with prevention strategies and contingency planning.

It is no wonder, therefore, that successful businesses are investing in Business Impact Analysis and seeking accurate measurement of potential threats and their effects. Infratech is helping corporate clients with this aspect of risk management by finding them potential threats and accurate details of probable loss to business.

What We Deliver in BIA

With tested calculation models and business specific variables, we promise to deliver the following business impact assessments through our BIA services:

  • Maximum Acceptable Outage: The maximum period of time a business feature or service can stay disrupted without affecting your business objectives or putting your business survival at risk
  • Maximum Recovery Time: The amount of time that can be granted for restoration of your IT infrastructure, network, and applications to full functionality
  • Critical Recovery Point: The amount of acceptable data loss – the point of loss from where your network can be restored without critical damage
  • Downtime Cost: The amount of probable losses that may incur during an outage
  • Recommendations on the order in which your operations and activities should be reactivated

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