Cybersecurity is one of the key responsibilities of the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) of Saudi Arabia. A number of aspects are involved here, such as the development of policies, governance mechanisms, frameworks, standards, and controls. There is no sign that cloud-based solutions will slow down in Saudi Arabia, as global cloud services continue to grow in popularity. This has led the NCA to identify that mechanisms for addressing cybersecurity risks in cloud computing must be cloud-focused. CCC-1-2020 regulations help cloud service providers gain good reputations and take advantage of serving government agencies as service providers. Detecting vulnerabilities as soon as they are found, and treating them in an effective way. The purpose of this is to minimize the likelihood that these vulnerabilities are exploited by cyber-attackers, as well as minimize the business implications that result for service providers and customers when these vulnerabilities are exploited.

CCC Benefits

We offer the following benefits as part of our Cloud cybersecurity controls

  • Perspectives of Customers & Providers
  • Conforms to International Regulations
  • Security of Subscribers' & Providers' Information
  • Manages Cybersecurity Risks