Managing information security is one of the critical responsibilities of a modern service organization since these companies collect sensitive information. It is very difficult to manage this kind of data and to keep it secure since hackers are very interested in obtaining this information. Attacks and threats to information security are constantly improving. Information security controls and best practices are the best defense against them. There is also a growing expectation and requirement for information security among customers, legislators, and other parties who may be interested in the information. Using ISO 27001 LI/LA, this course prepares participants for implementing an information security management system (ISMS). A major focus of this course is to provide an understanding of the best practices for an ISMS and a framework for how to continually manage and improve an ISMS in a continuous manner.

Why CISSP Training with Infratech?

CISSP training is beneficial to your company in the following ways

  • Secure Your Organization’s Information
  • Data & Systems are Protected
  • Identifying & Assessing Risk