Cloud Security


When you compare traditional security tools and approaches to cloud-native strategies and capabilities built into cloud providers, you will often find that they are inferior to those offered by cloud providers. It results in a security mechanism that is not optimal and at a very low cost. Our approach to cloud security is based on a holistic approach that aims to balance protection, resilience, and cost reduction. Our team of cloud-certified professionals can help you accelerate your cloud journey with confidence by performing threat assessments, formulating cloud security strategies, implementing continuous cloud-security posture management capabilities, and minoring.

Cloud Security Benefits

When considering cloud security holistically, there are several aspects to consider. These include

  • Developing risk models
  • Strategy for Security
  • Architecting Security
  • Managing Vulnerabilities
  • Compliant Configuration
  • Access to Secure Data
  • Backing Up Securely
  • Monitoring Security
  • Optimum Costing
  • Dash Boarding & KPIs

Our Cloud Security Core Services

Our core cloud security services include

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

CASBs serve as an intermediary between cloud service providers and their users through cloud-hosted software or local hardware. A Cloud Access Security Broker from Infratech

Multi-Factor Authentication

A phishing attack can easily trick a user with a valid username and password into divulging their credentials by tricking them to use their username

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) ensures the security of an organization's data on employee mobile devices

Secure Remote Access / ZTNA

You can use this Secure Remote Access / ZTNA solution from Infratech to gain fine-grained, least-privileged access