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Data loss is a serious problem for business, and organizations around the world record losses worth billions of dollars in this regard every year. Often data exfiltration is caused by poor network security measures or complete absence of a sound Data Loss Prevention system, often referred to as a DLP system. Organizations are investing in DLP systems to ensure their data repositories remain breach-free and only permissible data is exported out of their networks.

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How Our DLP Systems Protect Crucial Data

Infratech is a leading network security organization serving businesses of all sizes and maturity in the Middle East market. We offer comprehensive Data Loss Prevention services to give our clients’ data ironclad protection against undesired transmission.

Our DLP systems function with the objective of detecting and blocking unwanted data exfiltration. These systems are capable of scanning files for predefined data patterns and key phrases. Set up across the network, our DLP system can easily locate a key phrase or bits of data in any file that is sent out of your network. Files with such information are then blocked from leaving the network, thereby ensuring protection against critical data loss.

Data loss prevention is done with two types of systems and each is chosen depending on a client’s preferences.

Network-based DLP systems are deployed at the end of the negative so they can scan all outgoing data traffic to detect and block any unwanted file along with sending your network administrator a notification with incident report.

Oftentimes, a user may mistakenly try to send a file out of the network that contains confidential information, and a network-based DLP system can be quite helpful in such cases.

Endpoint-based DLP systems provide more integrated data loss prevention with greater scope than network-based DLP systems in several ways, such as inspection of files across wireless devices, which is something a network-based DLP system cannot do. Our endpoint-based DLP systems are set up with the level of sensitivity you require and protect your data at all times.

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