Compliance and Security Consultancy

IT security breaches have become a big enough problem to have their own regulatory requisites. As occupants in a region that is center to major international businesses in various industries, companies in the Middle East are regulated by a number of agencies that ensure IT security remains on top of every business’ priorities. These agencies work in partnership with international bodies and regulate IT security performance in the region’s highly competitive business environment.

This leads Infratech to offer businesses of all sizes and maturity in the Middle East with all-encompassing compliance and security consultancy services. Engage with us for your IT compliance advisory and IT security consultancy needs.

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Regulations Compliant IT Security

Our IT security compliance consultancy services are delivered by industry experts well-versed in the security regulations applicable to your business. We will provide your teams adequate training to ensure your operations are up-to-date on IT security compliance.

Our security compliance services include:

IT Security Consultancy Services

Complementary to compliance, we offer complete IT security consultancy services to help you develop an ironclad IT security strategy for your network. Through tests and analyses, we will determine the state of your network’s security, detect vulnerabilities, and eradicate them.

Our IT security advisory often includes the following processes:

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