Critical Systems Cybersecurity Controls is a set of comprehensive cyber security controls that extends and complements Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC). Critical Systems Cybersecurity Controls is a non-certificatory standard for the management of information security that consists of security requirements in the form of policies, procedures, and technical controls in relation to information security. It is possible to opt for the NCA audit after the organization has completed all the requirements of the standard.

With Infratech by your side, you can easily get your audit done and get compliance from NCA. Our system automates the collection of evidence for NCA CSCC controls and enables any organization to use it to collect evidence at any time.

CSCC Benefits

Our Critical System Cybersecurity Controls benefits include

  • Monitor & Pre Audit CSCC
  • Keeps Track of Security
  • Integrated with Your Processes
  • Evaluations of Security KPIs
  • Managing Risk Automatically