Cyber Forensics


Businesses are turning to cyber forensics to combat the increasing number of cyberattacks on their networks. The experts in Cyber Forensic Science investigate network security incidents to determine the causes and paths of attacks. By adding sound and measured actions to your security strategy, cyber forensic experts can help you better understand your network vulnerabilities. 

With Infratech's Cyber Forensics, we go beyond just telling you how an attack originated and where it came from. Using our mastery of cyber forensic tools, we apply these ideals to network managers as proactive instruments. Like all service domains in which we operate, our Cyber Forensics services are comprehensive.

You can count on us to restore your lost or corrupted data, identify the source of an attack, gather and collect evidence, produce detailed investigations, and provide the information to law enforcement agencies in order to prevent further harm to other organizations. You can help your legal counsel overcome the perpetrators' defense with our forensics results. Having such powerful forensic tools in your hands will discourage attackers from targeting your system.

Cyber Forensics Benefits

With forensic forensics, investigations are quicker and results are more accurate. Here are some benefits

  • Gathering Digital Evidence
  • Massive Data Storage
  • Economical & Timely
  • Restoration of Data
  • Prevent Data Theft & Loss
  • Track System Breaches & Find Attackers

Our Cyber Forensics Services

As with our other service areas, our Cyber Forensics service is comprehensive. With our help

Computer Forensics Solution

Forensic computer analysis is the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of cyber information stored in any digital format

Mobile Forensics Solution

Mobile forensics refers to the examination, analysis, and reporting of data stored on portable devices, memory cards

Network Forensics Solution

The goal of Network Forensics is to determine the origin of network security attacks by capturing, recording, and examining

Multi-Media Forensics Solution

Investigators can hear and see what has taken place during a crime by using audio and video recordings. Cell phones, CCTVs

Building Digital Forensics Lab

By collecting, identifying, and validating digital information for the purpose of reconstructing past events, Digital Forensics involves