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Cyber Range & Red Teaming is the most advanced form of testing, inspired by military drills. Your organization's technical, physical, and organizational security profile is examined. We offer two models of cyber range platforms: on-premise, which requires the installation of software on the customer's premises, and cloud, which is entirely remote. Contrary to this, Red Teaming model tests are conducted based on your individual requirements.

These tests aim to comprehensively verify your organization's data security maturity, as opposed to conducting penetration tests that focus on finding vulnerabilities. Using techniques used frequently by cybercriminals to get access to your systems, such as databases and secure locations, our experts (Red Team) will mimic the techniques that these criminals use in order to gain access. 

Prepare your team with the Infratech Cyber Range & Red Teaming to experience an attack in controlled conditions. Detecting and responding to real threats can be trained in a realistic environment by security professionals - and help protect your business.

Cyber Range & Red Teaming Benefits

Our Cyber Range & Red Teaming can help you

  • In-house or Cloud Installation
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Motivation & Assessment Tool
  • Practical Tests Reveal Threats
  • Safety Tests & Modifications
  • Organizational Resistance to Attacks
  • Teamwork & Skills Development
  • Knowledge & Capability Monitoring