Data Centers Services

Infratech’s Data Center Services help you design, build, configure, deploy, and maintain the critical assets that comprise your data center. From dispatching trained and certified technicians and engineers for day-to-day support, to handling complex designs and special projects as they arise, Infratech’s experienced personnel can assist you in setting up your data center, as well as in getting the most out of your existing infrastructure. Data Center services from Infratech offer you consistent service levels almost any place you need them, and our thorough and reliable personnel will treat your problems as their own.


Additional Services:

  • Smart Hands: Infratech’s technician is dispatched to your site for your critical IT projects
  • Install, Moves, Adds, and Changes (IMAC): Covers day-to-day activities associated with the scheduling and installation of hardware and software, changes to configuration, de-installation, and relocation of equipment, including connectivity testing, data transfer, and user orientation
  • Relocation Services: Infratech assists in the planning, logistics, and execution of your data center move to ensure a smooth relocation
  • Staff Augmentation: Infratech provides quality, on-site engineers to assist you with all technology initiatives
  • Data Center and Network Lifecycle Management. Infratech will work with the client to develop a device lifecycle strategy. This will allow the customer to leverage their existing equipment to its fullest and prepare for new technology, as new business needs demand.

Data Center Assessment

Get your Data centers examined and evaluated by our proficient tech-team. We deliver a complete range of solutions, from move-in-ready to custom-made, to make the personalized solutions that fulfill your company’s needs.

We understand the ever-changing environment in which our customers operate, so we craft solutions that perfectly complement their environment.

  • Comprehensive audit Reports for your electromechanical installations
  • Data Center solution plans and feasibility reports
  • Current market examination and analysis report
  • Data Center optimization plan
  • Professional counseling
  • Instruction manual for procedures, disasters, and backups.
  • Systems Management Practices

After evaluation and detailed reporting provided from Infratech’s professionals, you will be able to:

  • Assess your current equipment’s health and capacity
  • Data center space limitations
  • Optimize your current data center operations
  • Confront and resolve day to day Glitches and breakdowns
  • Improve the management of your Server rooms and streamline process

After the critical assessment, a benchmark comparison is made and components of your Data Center are given a rating against Industry standards and finest practices. This will allow you to put together decisions for short and long-term.


Data Center Design

Advance your data center structure and design. Time-to-time development and Optimization is demanded and the operator goes through a pressure to bring improvements without disrupting the operations and availability.

To operate in today’s competitive environment, organizations can’t afford breakdowns and disruption in operations. They must be up and run smoothly 24/7. An interruption can cause loss of delegate information, a monetary penalty and destroy company’s reputation. To avoid all this, we confront the problem from the origin and design a plan that makes your data center up and running seamlessly.

Our architecture reacts to the requirements and objectives of our clients. Our professional team design and project data center’s interior that creates a seamless flow of operations

We provide assistance which let data center’s operator to:

  • Comprise a plan that meets your budget requirement without negotiating consistency and strength of the facility
  • Design and optimize facilities that consume less energy and reduce their carbon emission
  • Incorporate all the market trends and standards into the facility

Our design’s objective is that the customer meets the industry standards. We facilitate in the following areas:

  • Design documentation
  • Analysis and Project Feasibility Report
  • Architectural Design
  • Budgeting and Project Cost Estimation
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Administration and Management
  • Technical scenarios simulation

Data Center Implementation

Once the construction part is completed and facility supporting setup such as cooling system, UPS, shelves, wiring, switches and power distribution are employed, the next step is the implementation of the IT structure. Infratech’s technical staff implements our proven world-class services methods to deliver the most effective and efficient facilities. Our consultants and technicians work together to implement your data center’s infrastructure that works seamlessly.

Data Center Implementation Services comprises of pre-installation, installation, testing, and monitoring of IT infrastructure.

Our scalable and securely manageable IT infrastructure is comprised of:

  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Network High-layer Security
  • Network Switching & Routing
  • Wireless LAN Solutions
  • WAN Implementation and Optimization
  • Storage solutions
  • Servers Installation
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • IT Monitoring, Management & Control Solutions
  • Applications Software
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data center operation

Smart and reliable equipment makes your data processing and operations dynamic. The most important components of the data center in this regards are the use of cutting-edge technology and innovative software.

In order to choose consistent and cost-effective equipment and software that supports a contemporary data center facility, you must comprehend the infrastructure and IT needs.

  • Installing and maintaining up-to-date software
  • Maximizing uptime and smooth flow of work
  • Maintaining or minimize the OPEX
  • Escalating facility capacity while reducing carbon emission
  • Minimize CAPEX for following upgrades and development

Data Center Training

Once your IT structure is operational, your staff needs to run multiple tasks on daily basis. Data centers play a vital role in the success of any organization’s IT infrastructure, as they are responsible for managing your electronic business transaction, communication, and confidential information. Our experienced trainers provide:

  • support to understand electrical and mechanical needs of your data center
  • instructions on how to tackle glitches and breakdowns and avoid them
  • guidelines to optimize your power usage
  • teaching to use the various tools that directly effects your data centers performance
  • assistance to maintain power supply and generators up and running without any disruption
  • coaching on the topics of architecture, networking, and troubleshooting

Our training experts’ design modules according to your data centers needs and level of training your staff required. Whatever you need, contact us to get assistance and set a meeting.


Data center certification

Data center certifications empower data centers to keep up with the rapid and ever-changing developments in IT and technology. Innovation is happening and improved technology enters into the market on an everyday basis. With advancements, new codes of conduct, legislation, and more competition arises for data center’s stakeholders to make sure that their data centers are working according to the new regulations.

Infratech’s data center team helps our customers to meet an extensive range of governing requirements. Working with our current certifications and specific customer needs, we provide our customers to achieve a high level of certification in all areas of the data center.

Target to achieve the excellence in the clients services