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In virtually every breach scenario, data is the main target - and securing data is becoming increasingly challenging. The administration faces a variety of challenges in securing and governing its different data repositories, but there are some common denominators that ultimately exacerbate the issue. To gain complete visibility across heterogeneous data stores in your organization, Infratech's Trust Data Discovery and Classification solution will help you identify, classify, and analyze sensitive data - both in the cloud and big data environments. 

The single pane of glass gives you a clear picture of your sensitive data, its location, and the risk of its exposure. Visualizations and detailed reports can reveal and close gaps more easily, help you make better decisions about third-party data sharing and cloud migration, and allow you to react more proactively to data privacy and security rules.

Data Discovery & Classification Benefits

Among the benefits of Data Discovery & Classification are

  • From Discovery To Repair
  • Getting Compliant Faster
  • Transparency & Control
  • Secure Enterprise Data
  • Identify Compliance Gaps & Security Risks
  • Unstructured & Structured Data Management