Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention is conventionally defined as the set of measures you take as a business for your IT network to identify confidential information of any type, track it across the network, and ensure it remains protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. At Infratech, we have a comprehensive set of DLP solutions that allow optimum security for your confidential data by means of effective, stringent data disclosure protocols and policies devised on network, datacenter, and endpoint levels.

dataloss prevention

Complete Application Security with Reliable DLP Tools

Business IT networks require comprehensive solutions to combat against continued threats of data breach and unauthorized access. Hackers and attackers work toward this goal by a variety of means and your business network must be equipped with reliable DLP tools to ensure the data on your network is not compromised.

The data loss prevention solutions we offer at Infratech allow our clients to police disclosure of their network data effectively. Our comprehensive DLP tools include data leak solutions that ensure security on all storage levels – from physical and virtual servers down to every file on your network and devices attached to it, including mobile devices and flash drives.

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