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Your employees could suffer serious consequences if they click on links or open attachments in a malicious message if they are not trained to recognize emerging threats like this. Your IT security may be compromised by countless scams targeting your employees. People, Processes, and Technology are the three components of a successful developing awareness program. It is true that technical controls cannot stop all attacks, and bad actors can find their way into your organization's network in some way.

In the midst of a worsening shortage of qualified IT security professionals, developing and delivering training programs and measuring their effectiveness can be difficult. If you need assistance, we can assist you in developing awareness programs. Depending on your needs, we can customize the program and provide results as quickly as possible.

Developing awareness training can be automated through our IT-integrated program. Tracking and reporting training completion can also be automated if your industry is regulated and must provide evidence of training.

Developing Awareness Program Benefits

Infratech developing awareness programs include

  • Regular Phishing Simulations
  • Online Training Videos
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Manage & Store IT Policies
  • Guidance from Experts