DNS Security


Having a secure DNS is important for maintaining your brand's reputation and protecting your organization's online presence. A DNS security solution from Infratech protects you from all types of DNS attacks, preventing downtime, data theft, and even the loss of your business due to DNS attacks. Infratech's DNS-Security offers holistic protection, no matter what type of attack is launched against it. We provide unparalleled DNS-security for mission-critical services with our patented innovations that are unique in the market and ensure an unmatched level of security in the DNS industry.

Benefits of DNS Security

Our DNS security is beneficial in a number of ways

  • DNS Attack Protection
  • Detection of Unique Attacks
  • Continuity-based Security
  • Deployable & Cost-effective
  • Keep Business Running
  • Protecting Data & IP
  • Reputation Management
  • Boost ROI & Reduce TCO
  • Ecosystem for Network Security
  • Keeping Network Ecosystems Safe