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Email security is one of the most important domains of IT security services in the present day. Since email is still the official channel for business communication – and has in fact become a primary mode of official correspondence to the detriment of mail, it is imperative that organizations provide due protection to their email servers and messages. Emails contain confidential official information and are often targeted by attackers looking for sensitive information they could exploit.

At Infratech, we provide comprehensive email security solutions to our client organizations across the Middle East region. We use tried-and-tested strategies to build a net of security measures aimed at keeping your email correspondence completely secure and intrusion-free.

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Reliable On-Premises Email Protection

Our on-premises email protection solutions come with a sophisticated firewall set up on your network within minutes, offering complete monitoring capability to the data traffic moving through your email servers and the correspondence received and sent by your network users.

With Infratech’s on-premises email security services, you get:

  • Advanced capability to analyze, identify, and block all types of spam attacks that are commonly used on business networks
  • Enhanced adaptation capability to the evolving nature of email threats to reduce exposure to risk and enhance your overall endpoint security
  • Enhanced firewall coverage to automatically block malware and spam emails, allowing improved performance and greater efficiency

Get our on-premises email security services for your offices in Middle East today.

Cloud Email Security

Since emails have become a source of advance malware attacks, the significance of email security has become all the more important for business organizations. Additionally, since email messages stay available due to their cloud-based nature, cloud email security is fast growing into a source of apprehension for organizations due to the increased risk involved.

With Infratech’s cloud email security solutions, you can:

  • Identify and block all kinds of popular spam attacks by timely detection of malware, spam, impersonation attempts, and spear-phishing
  • Adapt to the changing landscape of cloud email security to reduce risk significantly
  • Automatically block spam and threats, which keeps distractions at bay and improve network productivity
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Key Benefits of Our Email Security Services

As a leading security services provider in the region, Infratech takes pride in security solutions that give its clients competitive edge by helping them optimize their operations and performance.

The key benefits of our email security services include the following:

  • Complete flexibility on deployment, which means you can deploy them on cloud, on-premises as well as in hybrid settings
  • Many special features that are often not included by our competitors in standard services
  • Integrated DLP tools that prevent data loss of any kind via email
  • Incident logs ranking, which allows categorization of risks and consequent security protocols
  • Real-time protection from spam and malware threats

Get our email security services for your operations in the Middle East region today.

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