Endpoint Security

The purpose of endpoint security is to provide impeccable security for potential entry points of plausible security threats. The philosophy, as well as its underlying mechanism, works with a model of centralized security deployment, connecting these network endpoints to more potent security tools efficiently. Since every device is connected to an IT network, including data servers, workstation computers, laptops, smartphones, and IoT devices, endpoint security transforms into a set of security hardware items, software programs, and network regulation protocols that ensure monitoring of endpoints to prevent threats from entering the network.


Comprehensive Security for Network Endpoints

When devices are connected to a network, each of them creates an endpoint that also becomes a potential malware entry point, and, to protect the integrity of the network, it becomes necessary for your IT security team to ensure every one of these potential entry points is secure and ready to combat malware effectively.

At Infratech, we have developed a robust range of endpoint security mechanisms that work together to give your network endpoints maximum protection. These tools include the following:

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