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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) ensures the security of an organization's data on employee mobile devices, whether they are owned by the employees or issued by the corporation. A typical enterprise mobility management solution from Infratech includes a wide range of services that protect an organization's intellectual property and customer information while providing a wide range of business capabilities by integrating with other enterprise IT systems. 

Infratech offers a wide range of EMM solutions that are tailored to the needs of every organization. A number of these solutions focus on securing defined applications, while others attempt to lock down or secure employee devices, restricting or erasing the apps that can be installed. In addition, they attempt to erase data and applications in the unlikely event that a device is lost or stolen, or both.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Benefits

EMM systems can provide a number of benefits to a company, including

  • Maintain Data Security
  • Secure Your Software
  • Stop Zero-Day Attacks
  • Deploy Apps Quickly
  • Keep Compliance Up
  • Analyze & Report Usage
  • Erase Employee Data Selectively