Forensics and Incident Response Services

We are a professional solution provider in computer forensics, eDiscovery and computer / information security. Our focus is delivering litigation support to corporate general counsel and law firms that are involved with complex litigation cases. We use the latest forensics technology to scientifically investigate facts that establish what is most relevant in cases involving electronic evidence. Our digital forensics capabilities allow us to audit your IT infrastructure and networks to locate malware for immediate termination. Partnering with leading expert threat hunting vendors, we provide best-in-line digital forensics for threat termination.


Our Core Incident Response Services

  • Incident Handling: Effective management of every step taken after a breach is paramount to complete recovery of affected networks. Our IT incident team can take over the job and establish tried-and-tested protocols that will streamline the process to effective mitigation of the security breach.
  • Forensics Investigation: Our incident response team will also be prepared to execute a multi-step forensics investigation to discover the exact effects of the breach. With detailed system audits, we discover what was affected and to what extent. This allows us to build an effective restoration plan and report the details of the attack to the client.
  • Malicious Code Identification: You can also acquire our incident response services if you suspect presence of malware in your network. Our digital forensics team is always ready to deliver professional services for malicious code identification. By means of our deep audit tools, we

can identify any code that is meant to harm your network. Our team will identify the code that needs to be fixed and report it to you with detailed recommendations.

  • Malware Analysis & Disinfection: With identification of malicious code, the next step is to properly analyze it and rectify its possible harmful effects. Our digital forensics team is highly capable of providing you with in-depth malware analysis, and disinfection ideas that we can execute on your behalf.

Our Methodology

As a leading name in Saudi market’s IT security services sector, we have a comprehensive and effective methodology that we employ for our incident response services for businesses operating across the Middle East region. It is a complex process that our teams have mastered and successfully executed on a number of occasions.

When our help is sought by a client, our digital forensics team prepares for the task by collecting as much information from the client as possible. Once preparations are done, our team takes over the client’s IT systems management and audit tools are run for in-depth examination of the affected network for detection and analysis of malicious code and affected data.


Based on the findings of the analysis, we prepare an action response plan, which is then run to effectively mitigate the effects of the breach.

Once these steps are completed, we prepare a detailed report for the client and begin work on full systems recovery with complete remediation. Eventually, we present our report to the client that includes a list of lessons learned and recommendations for prevention of similar breaches in future.

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