Gap Analysis for Better Information Security

There are many reasons for which clients acquire our gap analysis service. However, a wide majority of them aim to improve their IT security with it. An expertly conducted gap analysis also allows businesses to measure the maturity of their information security systems. Similarly, it complements risk assessment efforts and makes it easier to identify the organization’s cyber security vulnerabilities and threats. However, the analysis often helps businesses reach a consensus on security priorities, as it highlights areas where work and attention are needed.


IT Security Gap Analysis

An IT security gap analysis fundamentally determines the gap between the ideal state of information security in your organization and its actual position. The determination of this gap provides us a list of shortcomings in the network and identifies areas where more focus and budget should be allocated.

In short, this analysis allows us to determine the direction in which your organization’s information security system is headed. In turn, this information becomes the foundation of a solid strategy to improve your IT security by targeting the weaknesses highlighted in the analysis.

Benefits of Regular IT Security Gap Analysis

There are many benefits to including a thorough gap analysis in your periodic IT security protocols, such as:

  • It helps you determine where more work is needed
  • It highlights areas where you should dedicate a bigger portion of your IT security budget
  • It helps you stay compliant, as it helps you mitigate information security risks
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