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Infratech's highly-skilled security consultants and threat research experts offer a wide range of capabilities and services in order to assist your organization in preparing for and responding to complex cyber events, as an extension of your organization's response team. 

With the Infratechs Incident Management Retainer (IMR), you will receive priority support, guaranteed SLAs, as well as a vast array of incident response, security program readiness, and incident management consulting services that will offer you maximum peace of mind ahead of any cyber incident.

Incident Management Retainer Service Benefits

With Infratech's Incident Management Retainer Service, you get

  • Consulting with Front-Line Insights
  • Identify Unknown Adversaries
  • Validate Detection Effectiveness
  • Mitigate Business Impact Faster
  • Purpose-Built IR Technologies
  • Validate Security Capabilities
  • Consultancy Services
  • Enhance Incident Readiness