Incident Management


Cybersecurity incidents occur when the normal course of business is disrupted. To recover services as quickly as possible, incidents must be resolved through a rapid resolution path. Infratech's Incident Management process ensures that incidents are handled appropriately and effectively while attempting to anticipate future incidents based on past incidents.  Incident Management at Infratech is focused on restoring service as quickly as possible, rather than on finding the "root cause" of the problem. This results in temporary fixes or workarounds being attempted to get users online. Problem Records are opened to track root cause analysis and permanent resolutions. We're ready to respond immediately if a Threat Actor gets past your security. Our executives will lead an immediate Major Incident Response (MIR) team. We will deploy a team of experts as soon as possible to contain the incident, mitigate any potential damage, and identify exactly what happened, all while keeping you updated. With our in-house Cyber Threat Intelligence department, you'll get information on the attacker, how to protect your systems, how to prevent attacks by Threat Actor affiliates, and how to avoid nasty cyber insurance surprises after the issue has been resolved. Dedicated teams of our Security Operations Centre (SOC) respond quickly to attacks by providing multiple layers of protection.

Incident Management Benefits

You can count on Infratech to detect, contain, eradicate and get you back online after a major Cyber Security incident

  • Blackberry & Exchange Services
  • Security Incidents & Management
  • Vendors & Escalation Paths
  • After-Hours Critical Response
  • Checking Capacity & Uptime
  • Troubleshooting DNS
  • Malware & Virus Detection