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Get immediate visibility into all attacker activities and expert support through the whole incident response cycle. You cannot afford to waste a second when your network is under attack by an adversary with unrestricted access.

By utilizing our Incident Response service, you can quickly uncover all attacker activities, outline a complete attack cycle, attribute actions to specific threat actors, and contain and respond appropriately to cyberattacks. We don't spend hours on end browsing through your systems at Infratech.

Using our technology, we determine attacker actions and suppress the threat as quickly as possible, so you can recover from the breach and resume normal operations as soon as possible. Any stressful situation can be controlled and stabilized quickly with our incident response methodology. Our team is experienced in quickly containing incidents, investigating root causes, and providing expert-level guidance to mitigate reputational losses and minimize business impact.

Incident Response & Management Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of Incident Response & Management

  • Cloud-Based XDR Threat Detection
  • MITRE ATT&CK Detection Capabilities
  • Real-Time Threat Visibility
  • Threat Intelligence Insights
  • Dedicated Threat Hunters

Incident Response & Management Services

We offer a variety of services related to incident response and management, including

Incident Management Retainer Service

Infratech's highly-skilled security consultants and threat research experts offer a wide range of capabilities and services in order

Forensics Service

We will also prepare a multi-step forensic investigation for our incident response team to determine the extent of the breach. To build an effective restoration

Incident Playbooks Development and Dry Runs

Your team can use an incident management handbook to respond to, resolve, and learn from any incident, from security issues...