Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure penetration testing is all about making sure the very foundation of your IT network across the organization is sound and free of vulnerabilities. In this particular area in penetration testing, professional teams collect relevant data about the organization’s IT infrastructure, accessing it through specialized tools and running detailed diagnostics to uncover any vulnerabilities that may threaten the system. As such, infrastructure penetration testing can protect your business operations from getting completely crippled, which is an imminent outcome of a security breach on that level.

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Our Methods for Infrastructure Penetration Testing

At Infratech, we follow a comprehensive approach to ensuring network security of our clients’ IT infrastructure on all levels. Our stringent protocols and application of industry best practices allow us to provide the very best of penetration testing services to our clients and ensure their network infrastructure get optimal security.

During our infrastructure penetration testing sessions, we employ a balanced combination of automated and manual methodologies to get the most out of the exercise. All protocols that are executed during the exercise are aligned to protect sensitive data and systematically look for loopholes within the infrastructure that could be considered potential security threats.

Once this long process has completed, we create a detailed report for your consideration, listing findings and discussing them in sufficient depth. This allows you to understand the nature of vulnerabilities we discovered during the tests.

We also include a detailed list of suggestions and mitigation protocols in the report for your perusal.

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