ISO 20000 Compliance for IT Service Management

ISO 20000 compliance is a critical success factor for business organizations offering IT services, or services in other sectors connected with information technology, because this standard – developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and supported by the International Electrotechnical Commission – offers clear competitive advantages. It is the primary regulatory standard relating to IT Service Management (ITSM) developed to provide IT organizations of all kinds to ascertain their processes align with their business objectives and industry best practices.

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Why Consider ISO 20000 Compliance

ISO 20000 is a clearly defined service management system standard that comes with clear definitions of tasks to perform and standards to maintain. There are many purposes that this standard serves for the accredited IT organizations, such as:

  • It allows these IT businesses to seek services from vendors who demand service standards are met as expected by industry best practices.
  • It allows them to apply a consistent system of service delivery for all their service providers and vendors.
  • It enables them to offer services with greater capabilities in various areas of IT services, including design and delivery.
  • It enables them to monitor, examine and revise their service management systems.
  • It empowers them to offer greater value to their clients with higher quality of services.

Therefore, there are many reasons why you should consider ISO 20000 compliance for your organization. These include, apart from those listed above:

  • The capability to demonstrate more reliable services with better quality than the competitors who are not accredited for ISO 20000 compliance.
  • Access to new markets, since many tiers of business organizations, especially those in public domains, only work with IT service providers that are accredited with this service management system standard.
  • The ability to leverage ITIL ideas and processes to fully optimize IT services and the underlying processes.

Infratech’s Advisory for IT Services Compliance

Infratech offers comprehensive advisory services when it comes to helping clients achieve absolute compliance in IT services management. Our primary goal in this regard is to counsel businesses about the benefits of ISO 20000 compliance – in line with the standard’s recently revised protocols – and persuade them to acquire this accreditation in particular.

Our IT services compliance advisory team is capable of helping clients adapt to the new ISO 20000: 2018 standard and, in so doing, offer fully optimized services to their target audiences with greater confidence and a clear competitive edge over other service providers in their domain of service.

In short, if you manage an IT service organization, the question is not of whether you will pursue ISO 20000 compliance but of when. No time will be better for this direction than now.

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