ISO 22301 Compliance for Effective Business Continuity

ISO 22301 compliance is a must for business organizations in this era of increasing threats against societal security. Faced with natural disasters and other major threats of disruption, such as terrorism, in the late 1900s, ISO 22301 was developed to help businesses prepare against disruptive events. It was developed by the International Organization of Standardization and subsequently recognized by the business world as the primary compliance standard that could equip businesses with knowledge, expertise and protocols to revive their operations after getting hit by a disruptive event.

ISO 22301

Effective Business Continuity Management with ISO 22301 Compliance

As nations and regulating agencies came to terms with the need for a comprehensive business continuity system that could be relied on to mitigate the impact of disruptive events as much as possible, they naturally moved towards inspecting stakeholders within the system to assess how well they were prepared to fight off the effects of these incidents.

Hence, ISO 22301 was established as a pertinent set of regulatory elements that would help businesses combat disruptive incidents effectively.

Such Business Continuity Management (BCM) as the ISO 22301 standard makes it easier for businesses of all maturity, sizes and industries to give impactful direction to their BCM efforts. ISO 22301 compliance makes it possible for businesses to find a meaningful set of practices for post-disaster protocols and find practical ways to be ready for such events.

ISO 22301 compliance comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • With this accreditation you can assure your customers, clients, vendors, partners and other stakeholders that your business has appropriate protocols in place to mitigate the effects of disruptive events.
  • Your business’ regulatory compliance reputation will strengthen, as this is one of the leading management systems standards applicable today.
  • You can also use ISO 22301 compliance as a scale to gauge your business’ good practices. This will take the quality of actions you take for business continuity to the next level.

Protecting the Present with an Eye on the Future

At Infratech, we are capable of helping you become fully compliant with the changes that ISO 22301 demands. As an expert IT security services firm working for Saudi-based businesses, Infratech offers expert advisory on BCM compliance.

With our expert guidance and insights, you will not only be able to claim your certification for ISO 22301 compliance faster but also extract the most out of the practices involved in best-in-line BCM compliance.

Incidentally, we also have the upcoming upgrade in this particular management systems standard in our sight. With the ISO Technical Committee reviewing a major upgrade in this standard, we are already working with accredited clients to prepare them for a more comprehensive set of requirements in the new ISO/CD 22301.

ISO 22301

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