ISO 27001 Compliance for Information Security Management

ISO 27001 compliance is critically important for the modern business organization that deals with user data or confidential information. Developed by the International Organization of Standardization, and recognized by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the ISO 27000 Family of Standards has become the latest attempt of the IT industry to ensure effective information security management with the ISO 27001 standard designed particularly to serve organizational structures.


Effective Information Security Management

Information security management is one of the critical domains of a modern services company, as these businesses solicit confidential information (Such as credit card details and personal identification) to perform business activity. Managing this information and keeping it secure becomes a huge challenge, since hackers find this kind of information very appealing, for obvious reasons, and seek ways to penetrate networks to export such data.

The various series of security protocols and best practices established by organizations, such as the ISO and IEC, are your business’ best chance of protecting your customers and users from unauthorized access to their information.

There are many advantages for a business to be following the ISO 27000 Family of Standards. It allows the organization to boast latest information security protocols as part of its routine network security practices. It enhances trust in existing customers and inspires it in prospective customers.

Understanding ISO 27001 Compliance

When it comes to information security management, ISO 27001 compliance is fundamental and much more compelling than other Standards in the series.

This particular standard is focused on creating an overview of the standard Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and the definitions involved. Working with Infratech to achieve ISO 27001 compliance for your business, you will:

  • Understand the key terminology and definitions involved to establish a reliable ISMS;
  • Determine, and take, the steps you need to bring your business’ information security management levels up to the mark; and
  • Get professional guidance from Infratech experts about how to apply the Standard into your current ISMS.

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