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Compliance with ISO Implementation 20000 is crucial to the success of business organizations that offer IT services or services related to the information technology industry since this standard – developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and supported by the International Electrotechnical Commission – provides clear competitive advantages to businesses. ITSM is a regulatory framework developed to help IT organizations of all kinds ensure that their processes align with their business objectives.

When it comes to IT services management, Infratech provides comprehensive advisory services to help clients achieve the level of compliance they are looking for. Our primary objective in this regard is to advise businesses about the benefits of ISO 20000 compliance - in line with the latest protocol revisions to the standard - and persuade them to acquire this accreditation as a result of it. 

By assisting our clients in achieving compliance with the new ISO 20000: 2018 standard, our IT services compliance advisory team is capable of helping clients offer fully optimized services to their target audiences with greater confidence and a clear competitive edge over other service providers in the area of their expertise. The question is not whether or not you will be pursuing ISO 20000 compliance as a manager of an IT service organization, but when you will be pursuing it. Now is the best time to take this direction.

ISO Implementation 20000 Benefits

ISO Implementation 20000 serves many purposes for IT organizations, including

  • Analyzes Service Management Practices
  • Optimize IT services & Processes
  • Verify Vendors' Compliance
  • Consistently Deliver Services
  • Improve Capabilities
  • Enhance Client Value
  • Ensure More Reliability