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Businesses should be ISO 22301 compliant in light of increasing threats to societal security. Natural disasters and other major disruptions, such as terrorism, prompted the development of ISO 22301 in the late 1900s. Developed by the International Organization of Standardization, it is widely recognized as the primary compliance standard for businesses that want to restore operations after disrupting their operations. 

In the wake of the need for a comprehensive business continuity system that could mitigate disruptive events as much as possible, nations and regulatory agencies started to inspect stakeholders to assess whether they were prepared to deal with these events. The ISO 22301 standard was established as a regulatory framework for combating disruptive incidents. Businesses of all maturity levels, sizes, and industries can give impactful direction to their BCM efforts with standards like ISO 22301.

Businesses can find meaningful post-disaster protocols through ISO 22301 compliance and find practical ways to be prepared. Our team at Infratech can assist you in becoming ISO 22301 compliant. Providing expert advice on BCM compliance, Infratech has worked with Saudi-based companies for many years. Our BCM compliance practices are designed to help you gain ISO 22301 certification more quickly and make the most of the best-in-class standards.

Aside from that, we are also looking at the anticipated upgrade to this particular management systems standard. In preparation for the new ISO/CD 22301, we are already working with accredited clients to prepare them for a more comprehensive set of requirements.

ISO Implementation 22301 Benefits

ISO Implementation 22301 compliance comes with numerous benefits, including

  • Accreditation Reassures Vendors Clients & Partners
  • Regulatory Compliance Strengthen
  • Assess Your Business's Efficiency
  • Business Continuity at its Best