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Infratech is capable of working with you in order to ensure that you are in full compliance with ISO 31000 and that you are able to meet its requirements. For Saudi-based companies, Infratech provides expert advice and guidance regarding BCM compliance as a provider of IT security services. By leveraging our expertise and insights, you will be able to claim ISO 31000 compliance quicker and maximize the benefits of best-in-class BCM compliance.

Our attention is also focused on the upcoming upgrade to this particular management systems standard. A major upgrade to this standard is currently being reviewed by the ISO Technical Committee. With the new ISO/CD 31000 standard, we are already preparing clients for comprehensive requirements. In order to ensure economic resilience, process optimization, risk management, professional reputations, as well as environmental and safety outcomes, we are already working with accredited clients to ensure that you are fully compliant.

ISO Implementation 31000 Benefits

ISO Implementation 31000 compliance comes with numerous benefits, including

  • Scale Your Business's Success
  • Reduce Disruptions
  • Demonstrate Effective Controls
  • Compliance Reputation Improved
  • Improve Business Continuity Actions