Lawful Interception Management System

A lawful intercept is when a law enforcement agency is working on court orders for electronic surveillance of individuals and/or organizations. Our lawful interception management system services are designed to help you thoroughly take care of your legal duties without letting law enforcement agencies get access to information the court orders do not entail. As such, managing lawful interception in a business network is a complex task that only expert security managers can perform. If you have been asked to assist a government agency in investigations, getting professional help will be the right thing to do, since you have to make sure that the agency in question gets reasonable access to the information they need and that they do not get any more access than that.


Precision in Access for Lawful Intercept

At Infratech, we are aware of the complexities involved in a legal intercept situation. With over 20 years of experience serving organizations maintain stable networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many other states in the Middle East region, we are rightfully considered experts in digital compliance.

Our lawful interception management system works with the dual-principle model. Using this principle, our expert lawful intercept team will ensure the law enforcement agency you are working with gets proper and smooth access to the information they are authorized to demand without getting any more than that.

Acquire our lawful interception management system for your operations across the Middle East

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