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Using Learning Management Systems and related software, organizations can create, manage, and deliver e-learning content. Learning management systems that work include intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, responsive design, management of courses and catalogs, analytics and reporting tools, integration of content, interoperability, social learning, and certifications. 

As part of its awareness program, Infratech offers LMS training, phishing campaigns, and visual aids. Many times, combining all of these will be the best solution. Our LMS security awareness training is not a one-off event. It is designed for both new and existing employees, including senior executives and IT employees. Training sessions on cybersecurity awareness are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year in scenario-based modules.

As threats change and your organization needs changes, we update the program periodically. At the same time, Infratech Cyber understands the need to protect assets while optimizing technology value. Thus, our cybersecurity strategy emphasizes awareness as well as technology integrations and service delivery, so the organization can take its protection to the next level.

Learning Management System Benefits

Learning management systems can enhance online learning programs in a number of ways

  • Savings on L&D
  • Retention of Employees
  • Better Knowledge Retention
  • High Employee Satisfaction
  • Increased ROI from Training