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Managed security services involve hiring a team of network security experts to handle your business IT security. Businesses are increasingly adopting this practice due to the growing number of IT security threats. With time, cyber attackers find new ways to break into conventionally secure networks, making them more vulnerable to attack. Infratech helps businesses protect their networks by storing and/or processing sensitive information. With a centralized security approach, Infratech provides network security services with top-of-the-line IT security experts and ethical hackers. As a managed Security Operations Center (SOC), we provide a range of services that address a variety of security challenges. Our managed services keep your network safe using a multi-tiered strategy. We protect your network against threats and malware through privileged access protocols, endpoint security, and many other mechanisms. With the help of our solution and experts, we will be able to detect and stop Threat Actors before they enter the system.

Managed Security Services Benefits

Secure your systems and data with our experts around the clock and we promise

  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • Monitoring in Real-Time
  • Security Analysts Monitoring
  • Reduction in Dwell Time
  • Security Platform Integration
  • Security Advice & Support
  • Optimization & Cost reduction
  • Managed Incidents & Response

Our Core Managed Security Services

We deliver comprehensive, market-leading cybersecurity services that enhance and protect your digital assets

SOC AS A Service

You can gain managed security services by hiring a team of network security experts to handle your business's IT...

Security Monitoring Service

At Infratech, we spend a significant amount of time and resources on security management and monitoring services...

Incident Management

Cybersecurity incidents occur when the normal course of business is disrupted. To recover services as quickly as possible...

Threat Intelligence and Hunting

A threat hunt involves the use of network detection and endpoint detection technologies, along with adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). Equipping threat hunters with

Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing

The best way to improve your cyber defense is to understand your vulnerabilities and how attackers could exploit them. We can discover