Material & Equipment Supply

Electrical / Electro-Mechnical


Infratech is a leading company in the equipments & material supply. The company values like agility, credibility and commitment have created great value for our clients. In Infratech, we support our clients to sustain their success through providing…

Office Automation Division


Office Automation Division includes Printers, Smart Screen, Laptops, Laptops Projectors, Point of sales & Barcode Printers, 3D Professional Printers, LaptopsRowe Wide Format Scanners, Rowe Wide Format Printers, Shredders…

Telecom & IT


Infratech supplies most of the equipment and material required for the telecom & IT industries. This includes but is not limited to the following, SIM Cards, Scratch Cards, Fiber Optics, Racks, Stacks, CPE, Routers, Switches telecom and IT…

Target to achieve the excellence in the clients services