Electrical / Electro-Mechanical

Infratech is a leading company in the equipments & material supply. The company values like agility, credibility and commitment have created great value for our clients. In Infratech, we support our clients to sustain their success through providing the top quality materials and equipments at very competitive prices. The wide range of material being supplied by Infratech make it as preferred supplier for its respected clients.

We have a separate division for the supply of electrical and electro-mechanical product.s To ful ll the market requirement in the industry in Saudi Arabia; we have made special trading hubs in Europe & America for outsourcing brands, also we stock cables and all kinds of cable accessories, from well-known brands, including:

  • Explosion-proof cable glands
  • Contactors, breakers, bus-bar
  • UPS system
  • Generators
  • Junction boxes
  • Lightning protection
  • Ducting
  • Safety switches
  • Transformers
  • Sensors
  • Earthling equipment

Target to achieve the excellence in the clients services