Licensing Advisory Service

Microsoft Licensing Advisory Service is a vital set of continuous business processes that provide a system for the effective management and protection of software assets within your organization throughout all stages of their life cycle. MLAS brings together people, processes, and technology to control and optimize the use of software in the customer organization.

How Does MLAS Enable Business Results

  • Proactively managing software assets can result in up to a 50 percent reduction in license cost.
  • IT labor costs from simplified deployment, purchasing, and support.
  • Stronger IT management enables more business insight and responsiveness, which can help your business grow.
  • Established backup and recovery plans, centralized control, and security policies can all reduce the potential for costly outages.

What Infratech Offers

  • To have one straight-forward process that will optimize your licensing model.
  • To generate the Effective License Position report, ELP report.
  • To offer the tips and tricks of how to minimize the licensing cost.
  • To offer how to optimize your infrastructure.
  • To train the team to have deep view on Microsoft licensing methods

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