Operations Management Suite (OMS)


Respond faster to security threats

Analyze and investigate incidents

Quickly analyze events across multiple data sources. Identify security risks and understand the scope and impact of threats and attacks to mitigate the damage of a security breach.

Detect threats before they happen

Identify attack patterns by visualizing outbound malicious IP traffic and malicious threat types. Understand the security posture of your entire environment regardless of platform.

Streamline security audits

Capture all of the log and event data required for a security or compliance audit. Slash the time and resources needed to supply a security audit with a complete, searchable, and exportable log and event data set.


Gain immediate insights across workloads

Transform machine data

Bring all of your information together in a single view for actionable insight. Effortlessly collect, store and analyze log data from virtually any Windows Server and Linux source.

Gain immediate insight

Interact with real-time data, to gain deep intelligence gathered from your on-premises and cloud datacenters. Map server and application dependencies to discover connections and interactions.

Resolve incidents faster

Spot problems fast using pre-built solutions and queries. Address incidents quickly with flexible search, and customized alerts in the portal or from the mobile app.


Enable consistent control and compliance

Enable responsive IT operations

Trigger processes on-demand or automatically. Improve response time by taking immediate action on operational issues.

Use across on-premises and the cloud

Use familiar PowerShell skills to automate complex and repetitive tasks. Extend cloud automation capabilities to your on-premises datacenter without human intervention.

Maintain compliant IT resources

Consistently deploy, monitor, and automatically update your IT resources, at scale. Get out-of-the-box change management and patching solutions to maintain compliant IT resources.


Ensure availability of apps and data

Protect your critical assets wherever they are

Real-time availability of your applications and data, regardless of platform or location, without the cost of traditional infrastructure maintenance. Backup and restore critical assets from an integrated cloud-based service.

Simplify disaster recovery across your entire environment

Remove complexity and increase options for restoring applications and services quickly with disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Orchestrate replication, create customized recovery plans, and easily test failover.

Free up resources on-premises with cloud backup

Extend on-premises data protection tools with rich and powerful enterprise backup services built from the cloud-up. Effortlessly move workloads to the cloud with just a few clicks.

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