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With Infratech's Multi Factor Authentication, hackers are prevented from accessing online accounts 96% more effectively. You get a secure authentication solution built to scale globally when you combine digital identity and multifactor authentication. A one-time password sent by SMS, reputation scoring for a phone number, and subscriber status are just a few of the authentication factors. 

The world's largest companies trust Multi Factor Authentication from Infratech. To fit the dynamic needs of your platform, we can provide Multi-factor solutions using SMS, Voice, or RCS-based passcodes. Businesses can establish trust by verifying phone numbers throughout the customer lifecycle to create a more engaged user. Platforms can keep fraudsters away when they add identity solutions like Score and PhoneID.

Multi-Factor Authentication Benefits

There are several benefits to multi-factor authentication

  • Authentication Made Easy
  • Reduced Account Abuse
  • Fraud Reduction
  • Fake Account Reduction
  • Keep Passwords Secure
  • Social Verification