Multimedia Forensics

Multimedia Forensics

Audio and video recordings can provide an evidential account of a crime so investigators can hear and see what has taken place. The amount of evidence that can be obtained from CCTV, traffic cameras, teller machines, police cameras and cell phones can be enormous.

Infratech forensics laboratory specializes in the analysis and processing of audio, video and image evidence. Infratech also provides a platform to the organizations for face detection and recognition technology. Facial recognition is an advanced technology that helps in discerning and identifying human faces from an image or video.

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Our Methodology

Our forensic video experts & forensic audio experts can handle any type of device and any type of recording. We are a resource for those involved in civil and criminal cases where video, images, and other forms of multimedia evidence is being used for evidentiary purposes.

Infratech provides the following video and audio forensics services:

  • Enhancement of video from CCTV
  • Video file authentication / tampering detection
  • Image origin analysis – Meta data / header analysis
  • Extraction of video evidence from a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Masking and tracking of a subject of interest in video
  • Voice Clarification & Ambient Noise Reduction
  • Audio File Tampering Analysis – The tell-tale signs of tampering
  • Demonstrative evidence and exhibits
  • Expert testimony

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