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National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) promotes growth, investment, and innovation in cybersecurity. With the aim of regulating the sector, protecting vital interests and infrastructure, and improving the level of service provided to national institutions, the NCA has been charged with licensing non-governmental entities involved in cybersecurity activities. Any entity providing cybersecurity products or services in the Kingdom can register online with the NCA. 

Infratech helps you become NCA Compliant by conducting a detailed and comprehensive review of your organization's cybersecurity posture based on NCA standards. This will give you an idea of how well your organization is protected. During the course of our in-depth audit, we review security policies and processes as well as gather evidence to determine whether or not a company is in compliance with the NCA.

NCA compliance programs are run by our team in conjunction with a comprehensive audit, a sub-domain maturity assessment, an actionable roadmap, and a detailed implementation plan. The entire NCA implementation program is managed and monitored by a dedicated team of professionals, including a program manager and consultants. A member of the team performs security testing exercises, reviews, and implementations as required by the standard as well as providing subject matter advice.

NCA Cybersecurity Frameworks Benefits

NCA benefits provide better outcomes, which include

  • Expertise in Compliance & Risk
  • Keeping NCA Compliance on Track
  • Standards-Driven Service Delivery
  • Accelerators Tools & Methodologies
  • Collaborative Risk Assessment
  • Access & Identity Management
  • Risk Assessment & Testing

NCA Cybersecurity Frameworks Services

Our NCA cybersecurity frameworks services include


The development of ECCs is an important and vital step toward improving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's cybersecurity posture.


Cybersecurity is one of the key responsibilities of the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) of Saudi Arabia.


The National Competency Standards are a set of performance specifications that define the skills, knowledge, and abilities


By creating secure development environments, and portable, high-performance applications, we help organizations


Critical Systems Cybersecurity Controls (CSCC) is a set of comprehensive cyber security controls that