Network Admission Control (NAC)

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Using Infratech, your organization can implement policies to control how devices access your network as well as user access to the network. You will be able to keep your network more secure by allowing only authorized access to your network and enforcing security compliance on devices. Today, organizations are confronted with exponential growth in the number of mobile devices accessing their networks. This growth is coupled with the security risks they pose.

Therefore, it is important that they have the tools that provide the visibility, access control, and compliance capabilities that are needed to build secure network infrastructure. With Infratech's NAC systems, noncompliant devices can be denied network access, placed in a quarantined area, or given only restricted access to the network's computing resources, where they will be able to avoid infecting the network with a series of insecure nodes.

What are the general capabilities of a NAC solution?

Organizations can control access to their networks through NAC solutions by taking advantage of the following capabilities

  • Governance of Policy Life Cycles
  • Visibility & Profiling
  • Network Access for Guests
  • Monitors Security Policy Compliance
  • Manages Network Threats
  • Machine Detection Blocking & Isolation