Network Forensics

Network Forensics

Network Forensics is the process of capturing, recording and analyzing network packets in order to determine the source of network security attacks. The main goals of network forensics are to collect evidence and analyze network traffic data collected from different devices such as firewalls and IDS. In addition, it monitors the network to detect attacks and analyze the nature of attackers through intrusion patterns or attackers’ activity.

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Our Methodology

Our team of IT security experts perform systematic and measurable technical assessments with the goal of discovering how your organization’s security policies map to specific activities at a specific site or location.

The following are different functions of a network forensics analysis:

  • Scrutinizing network traffic and logs to identify and locate suspicious devices
  • Real-time analysis via network monitoring
  • After-the-fact analysis of transaction logs
  • Evaluation of network performance
  • Detection of anomalies and misuse of resources
  • Determination of network protocols in use
  • Aggregating data from multiple sources
  • Security investigations and incident response
  • Protection of intellectual property

Infratech can help you secure your critical digital assets through the identification of IT security risks, exposures and vulnerabilities to internal and external threats such as viruses, trojans and hackers.

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