Network Infrastructure

Emerging technologies constantly change the way we communicate and conduct business, with telecommunications infrastructure becoming increasingly important. Infratech is a leading provider of specialized telecommunications facilities in Saudi Market and GCC region. We provide specialist services for a wide range of facilities:

WiFi is one of the fastest growing and most prevalent technologies currently being deployed by our customers.
Our WiFi services include:

  • Site Survey Planner, design and architecture.
  • Cabling and Installation, Network integration, testing and validation
  • Operation and management of production environments

We have developed a set of best practices and proven delivery techniques, products, standards and guidelines:

  • Site search
  • Site negotiation and commissioning

Site preparation services

  • Pre-assessments using industry-leading tools to ensure successful delivery and operation
  • Independent advice on a range of vendor products and architectures
  • Managed services and cloud-delivered services such as:
    • RADIUS
    • Authentication
    • WiFi QoS – Quality of Service including MoS
    • Security – technical and policy enforcement
    • High Availability

Deployment of an outdoor wireless network requires an even greater specialized skillset due to the unique volatile nature of the outdoor environment. With years of experience in deploying outdoor wireless networks, uniquely makes us one of the best Saudi companies capable of a successful deployment with 99.999% availability.

  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi Point Wireless
  • WLAN Wireless Mesh Network

The performance management provides the tools and information that allow for the administrators to measure the performance level and a load of each equipment that make up the network infrastructure. The objectives are:

  • To measure and improve the level of the service provided
  • To facilitate and assist the analysis and diagnosis

The performance management system includes the following features: consolidated monitoring, monitoring in real time, with the Accounting stream protocols Network/flow Measurement of service level protocols with ALS and AAS.

Rapidly Monetize with Infratech’s Real-time Billing and Online Charging Systems
The Infratech Service Monetization offering provides flexible, affordable and agile solutions that allow service providers to quickly monetize their services while reducing the cost to serve.
Infratech Service Monetization solutions are pre-integrated with built-in business processes based on industry best practices.
Infratech Service Monetization offering is comprised of three market-leading solutions:

  • Infratech Omni Convergent Charging
  • Infratech Charging and Billing
  • Infratech Network Control

NFV transforms software technologies from legacy proprietary hardware to an open, vendor- neutral architecture. The business benefits are clear –service agility in minutes; efficiencies through automation of service operations processes; and improved elasticity of network resource, but a key challenge lies in how to fully operationalize virtualized services to derive maximum business value.

Infratech brings a unique business-centric approach to NFV that helps service providers maximize service agility and operationalize services. Our standards-based solutions work with any hypervisor or virtual infrastructure management solution.

Making your network better not just bigger

As subscribers continue to place increasingly higher value on data coverage and download speeds, data network quality has become the critical di erentiator for mobile operators. And as mobile tra c continues to drive network costs upwards, operators need to nd new ways to create a world- class customer experience while controlling OPEX and delaying CAPEX. Faced with these enormous pressures, RAN management and optimization is becoming essential to e ciently and e ectively utilize your network assets.

The Infratech Centralized Management and Optimization solution is the only optimization solution that embeds network intelligence. It brings together all critical aspects of optimization to enable mobile network operators to deliver optimal coverage and capacity in complex, multi-vendor networks across 2G, 3G, and LTE/ 4G, providing customers with a seamless quality of experience (QoE).

Take control of your services and your network

The growing complexity and scale of telecommunication networks and services places ever increasing demands on those who design operate and maintain them. Infratech OSS streamlines and automates common operational processes, bringing benefits for CAPEX and OPEX, increased customer satisfaction and faster rollout.

Infratech Signaling Solutions offers a complete portfolio of signaling products and services that are designed to secure your network connectivity needs for today and into the future; we also ensure a secure migration path along the way.

  • Signaling Stacks
  • Application Enablers
  • Gateways
  • Unified Communication and collaboration
  • Infratech Signaling Professional Services

Target to achieve the excellence in the clients services