Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is a collection of vulnerability discovery and inspection techniques that are focused particularly on examining your network. This kind of testing requires equal attention to the hardware components keeping the network together and the software keeping those components functioning in unison.

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How Network Penetration Testing is Done at Infratech

Needless to say, effective network penetration testing demands professional supervision. You cannot rely on your in-house IT team to test your network for security vulnerabilities unless you have a team member who is specially trained in modern penetration testing methodologies and you have the technology required in your inventory.

As a company that provides all-encompassing network security services, Infratech has a professional team of penetration testers ready to help businesses across the Middle East with their network tests. Our testers are experts in their field and have certified network testing qualifications.

The penetration testing service we provide is formulated to be a multi-phase process:

  • In the first phase, we gather all relevant information about your network along with the hardware and software aspects of the whole network.
  • Next, we categorize the information to map out your network and identify potential security vulnerabilities in the environment.
  • In the next phase, we analyze the information to determine potential security threats along with their likely effects.

With this information, in the last phase of the process, we build a detailed plan of mitigation protocols that will enable you to protect your network after we leave.

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