The world is changing around us

The world is changing around us

Is your organization still paying annual renewal cost for ERP licenses?

Whether you are a new organization looking for a new ERP system or you are looking to replace your existing ERP system that has been overwhelmed by the massive annual costs of ERP system licenses?

Infratech can give you a perfect ERP system for your needs less cost compare to your current proprietary ERP System.

What are Open source ERPs systems?

Open source ERPs are more flexible than traditional systems and have enhanced cybersecurity features in addition to lowering the total cost of ownership. Organization will no longer have to spend majority of their annual IT budget paying for ERP software licenses.

It is a software which empower organization technological and it can be customized  to make relevant to your organizational specific requirements.

Infratech harnesses this power of Open Source ERP  for the benefit of its customers, helping organization to own an ERP system specifically developed for their organization while freeing them from the annual spending of the annual license costs associated with the traditional proprietary systems.

What are the advantages of the system?

Low cost of ownership(compared to traditional systems)


Ease of Use


Does this Open Source ERP system meet all my requirements?

he Open Source ERP has unlimited possibilities where automated work procedures can be built into the system to enable financial and administrative powers in a manner that ensures the full compliance of employee with standard operating procedures according to the policies approved by the facility , The system contains the following Business Module :

Human Resources



Warehouse & Inventory


Project management

Whether your Organization need an integrated ERP system, or just need specific ERP modules such as the accounting system, warehouse system or human resources system, our Infratech team will be happy to provide the required advice to meet your needs.