Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System

We have an all-encompassing set of solutions for network intrusion: our Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS). This NGIPS conducts regular tests of your network to assess its security levels and threat probability. Identifying any vulnerabilities in the network, the system reports them to you and ensures preset protocols are executed immediately to identify, locate and eliminate any malware in your network. As a prevention system, the NGIPS works proactively to make your networks free of security breaches and your data secure. Its new features allow the system to make real-time decisions in your stead to keep your network safe from any potential threat. It is capable of studying every file and entity with data coming into your network and refusing to let it through if it matches any significant markers of malware.


Previous generation of network security products, including IPSs and other intrusion detection tools, could not reach the full potential of a Next-Gen IPS. What we now offer to our clients is a remarkably effective threat detection and prevention system that improves the performance of your security measures many times over and goes beyond the protocols of a regular IPS to deliver ironclad security to your data and systems.

IPSs’ reason for popularity was their ability to increase awareness and visibility of potential threats to a network’s security. With our NextGen IPS included in your IT infrastructure, your network’s ability to identify a potential threat will go higher than what any product of the previous generations can deliver. This boost in threat visibility enables greater network security and enables your systems to prevent attacks more effectively and efficiently.

Our NGIPS is suitable for business organizations and networks all around the world because it comes with customizable protocols. This will allow your IT team to adjust system settings in line with the compliance protocols applicable on your business in your country. It comes with presets for Saudi Arabian companies for convenient default settings. With these capabilities, our NGIPS allows you to cater to the compliance requests of your government, your business partners, and industry regulators without compromising on network security or performance.

As a next-generation Intrusion Prevention System, our service allows nuanced settings of the security protocols your system has to follow. Thus, the NGIPS detects possible variants of known, or potential, exploits that might target your network or applications specifically. With this capability, the NGIPS ensures greatest zero-day protection ever offer in the market. This focus on preventing exploits has far-reaching positive impact on network security and performance.

In a business organization with numerous teams and units, the IT network must be prepared for many more external threats than direct attacks. This is because employees now have mobile phones connected to wifi networks across the workplace, which could be a potential pathway for malware and serious security breaches. Our NextGen-IPS continuously monitors the whole network and regularly conducts deep analysis using its preset traffic flow baselines to identify and further examine anomalies. This allows the system to successfully identify potential malware trajectories and entry points, which are then secured using preset protocols.

As opposed to ordinary IPSs, a next-generation IPS can easily maneuver information across virtual networks and servers. This is because NGIPSs come with virtual IPS sensors and management consoles that give you greater control and ensure wrinkle-free security for your virtual environments. Your cloud networks will thus get absolute virtualization for optimum network security.

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