Next-Generation Antivirus

Next-generation antivirus solutions are the most comprehensive tool for reliable network security in the 21st century. They protect your business IT infrastructure from all kinds of breaches and attack, by means of a sophisticated system of monitoring and action protocols (often referred to as TTPs), enabling your network administrators to respond to threats with real-time actionable threat intelligence and detailed analytics.


NGAV for Effective Intrusion Prevention

Next-generation antivirus is the best version of any combination of network security tools that businesses have traditionally used. It takes your intrusion prevention software to a whole new level of efficacy, security, and cost reduction.

The reason NGAV is more effective is due to its different approach towards security. Instead of using the file-based approach to detect malware signatures, NextGen Antivirus products created by experts look at security with a system-centric approach that uses cloud-based solutions. The predictive analytics utilize all the benefits of AI and machine learning to make next-generation antivirus the ultimate weapon against security attacks on your IT infrastructure.

  • Identify and proactively stop malware and non-malware (non-file based) attacks alike
  • Analyze TTPs and malicious behavior from all sources of data connected with your network
  • Proactively prepare for new threats that conventional antivirus programs miss
  • Use an endpoint approach for data collection to solve problems in their roots

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